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In partnership with the Buttercup Park Advisory Council we bring you free films during the summer months!


2019 Free Summer Films!

Buttercup Playlot Park

4901 N Sheridan Rd

Chicago IL 60640

Films start at DUSK

All films on Saturday

2019 Screenings

7/13 - Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Why did I decide on this...

I have been wanting to screen/rewatch this for a while now.  With the advent of Fortnite and it's dancing moves, I think NOW would be a great time to screen it.

7/27 - Come Drink with Me (1966)

Why did I decide on this....

Female lead kicking butt!!!  Great story, fun martial arts, great characters.  Why wouldn't I want to screen this....  I wanted to screen this last year but had some difficulties so thank you to AGFA for working with me to get this screened.    It means a lot to me!!!!

8/24 - Spider-Man: Into the Spider:Verse (2018)

Why did I decide on this....

Don't get out as much as I used to and I saw this one in the theatre and I KNEW I had to screen it...

9/7 - Afterschool cartoons with Scooby Doo, Speed Racer and Thundercats!

All the original episodes!!  This is a no brainer..  I chose (what I think) are the best episodes of each one.

Preshow info to come later...…...

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CTA Bus 151 - Sheridan and Ainsle

Red Line - Argyle stop.  Walk East on Argyle and make right on Sheridan

Car - Metered Parking along Sheridan and there is a lot in which you can pay by App on McCutcheon Terrace behind Buttercup Park

Bike!! - Bike racks abound.....


Past Preshow Entertainment

Before each film I try to have some type of entertainment or informative speaker relating to the film. Below is a list of those who have helped out so far. I have included hyperlinks for more information on each one

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Non Profit of the Month


For as long as I have screened films at Buttercup Playlot Park, Chirp Radio has kindly played PSA's to spark interest .  I love their format.  They will play just about any genre any song you want as long as the FCC doesn't have an issue with it.  I was able to stump them once with a request but I must admit it was a pretty tall order.  The fact that they support local musicians AND businesses KUDOS out to them.  If you would like to donate to them just click on the bird listed above and it will take you to their donate page.  Give them a listen, send them a request - its a joy to the ears......